Candle Makers steps to get where you always wanted to be!

In learning a new craft there are rarely ever short cuts to learning, but what if you had your very own personal blueprint to jump ahead of the line.  Your own personal fairy!  Someone who helps you learn the craft and ways to implement it for huge GROWTH?

Main Benefits Of The Candle Maker Courses

Benefit one

Candle making is an art form and we know that many are learning the craft.  We help makers go from idea concept into the tools necessary to be a successful candle creator.  Wherever you are in your candle journey we provide the best training in the industry.

Benefit two

Going from idea to actual creation is a big part of the process of a candle maker.  Our goal is to help candle makers have a quick start to learning and implementing the methods learned.  Its a JUMPSTART to your craft.

Benefit three

Being a MAKER is fun and exciting, but most of us want to take our craft beyond ourselves and make it profitable.  We provide the tools and knowledge to help you move beyond the "learining phase" to the "getting clients" phase.  

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amazing features

We are not your run of the mill course site.  You will have fresh new applicable content leaders in the Candle Maker Industry.  Actionable steps and implementation into your hobby or business.  


We have made it simple by creating a platform you can take learning anywhere you go.  

Accessible anywhere on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Learn from the best in the Industry

Types of Content that

WOW you!  

Our #1 goal is to provide you with the very best content.  We will deliver training courses for you to go through at your own pace.  These modules are in video and downloadable PDF form.  You are able to move through the content at your pace and on your schedule.

In depth Candle tutorials and demos

Candle tips, tricks ,resources and products

Sales, Marketing and Social Media trainings

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